Seminar Report on Data Center Network Design

Chayan Sarkar, "Seminar Report on Data Center Network Design", Technical report, 2010.


Data Center is a centralized repository where a large num-ber of servers are clustered together to host a numberof application and stores a huge amount of data. Theprimary goal of data center is storage and manipulationof data and serve the user’s request efficiently all thetime. With the advent of Cloud computing, the number of servers in a data center has become hundreds of thousandsand it’s going to expand more. Within this huge network, x-to-x traffic pattern will create several design challengesfor network designer. So to design a data center, primarygoal should be scalability, fault-tolerance, high networkcapacity etc. Also TCP throughput, efficiencyof routing protocol and aggregate bottleneck bandwidthwithin a data center network will depend on the networkdesign. Current tree-based structure with comparativelysmall number of servers will not survive in such large clus-ters.

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